Colored Denim Rules!

Spring flowers aren’t the only stems sporting vibrant colors this time of year; colored jeans are all the rage for both women and men this season. Forget about the same old blue jeans; fashion lovers can brighten up their everyday style by choosing from a rainbow of colored denim: from bright and bold primary colors to pale pastels.

How to Wear Colored Denim: Primary Colors and Pastel Hues

A throwback to both the 1990s and the 1960s, the colored denim trend shows no signs of slowing down as the temperatures heat up this summer. Designers are serving up a vibrant assortment of candy-colored denim in a wide selection of styles ranging from beachy cut-off shorts and cute Capri cuts, to trendy straight legged jeans, boot-cut skinnies, and fit-like-a-glove legging jeans.

Your favorite blues are taking a dive into pools of color this summer! In shades from pastel to primary, brightly colored jeans are one of the must-have items of the season.

How to Wear Colored Denim

For those who may be somewhat taste challenged, wearing brightly colored denim may present an extra dilemma. Fear not: even the color blind or sartorially unstable can participate in this trend just by following a few simple tips.

Pair Brights with Neutrals

White, black and grey are safe bets for matching primary colors like red, blue, and grass green, but the best neutrals for the summer season are hues like ivory, peach, white and light gray. If you’re feeling brave, try incorporating a printed neutral like a mild leopard print, stripe or summery floral on an accessory like a belt, shoe, or handbag.

Go ahead and show your personality by picking a hue that reflects your own personal flavor, but be sure to pair brights with neutral-colored tops to avoid looking circus-bound.

Color Pairing: Use the Color Wheel to Style the Perfect Colored Jeans Outfit

The color wheel is your friend. That’s generally true when it comes to fashion, but it’s especially true when it comes to putting together a stylish outfit with pair of colored jeans at its base.

Color Wheel

Keep It in the (Color) Family

  • First, start out with the color of your jeans and find it on the color wheel.
  • Next, go to the immediate left or right to find your pairing color.
  • To add a third color, just keep going forward or back on the color wheel.
  • When moving right or left on the color wheel, you may move up or down the adjacent wedge when choosing your pairing color.
  • For example, pair lemon yellow jeans with a mint green top.

Opposites Attract

  • Choose a complementary color by selecting the color exactly opposite your jeans color on the color wheel. For example, coral colored jeans pair beautifully with a sea foam green blouse.

Go Monochromatic

  • For a monochromatic color pairing, choose colors from within the same wedge of the color wheel. For example, pair a tango tangerine top with a pair of guava colored jeans.

Compelment Color with Proportions

Colored denim can be universally flattering (regardless of your size or shape) as long as your watch proportions: remember that bright colors draw the eye, so if you’re hippy or packing a little more junk in the trunk than you’d like, top off your vibrant jeans with a loose blouse or flattering tunic to balance an eye-popping color.